Wedding Vendors

  • Sign up as a Vendor to create a Business Profile Page on the Slide Right Weddings App. Vendors need to subscribe in order to create your Business Profile Page. We have over 25 categories of Wedding Vendors available.

  • Vendors are split into 2 main categories:

    Local (shown to Brides/Grooms within 100 miles)

    National (shown to Brides/Grooms nationally)

  • Vendors choose either local or national, and then select your subscription plan. You can select the monthly plan, or a yearly plan.

    All new subscribers will receive introductory pricing!

    We are currently in the North Dallas/DFW market, and will be launching in new areas soon. 

  • Vendors create a business profile page where you list all of your contact information and can upload up to 50 photos. The more photos you upload, the more time users will come across your company!

  • Our app brings you brides & grooms in your area that are actively viewing and clicking on your photos. The price of our app is less than $1 a day!

  • Create a Profile

    Vendors - after you sign up for a subscription, you will go back to the app and create your company profile page. You can add your company's phone, address, email. website, and 'about us' section

  • Categories & Photos

    We have over 25 Wedding Related categories on our app. Vendors select their main category when creating their profile. Vendors can upload up to 50 photos and can select up to 3 categories for each photo they upload

  • Slide Right Page

    This is where the Magic and Fun Happens! Brides & Grooms go to the Slide Page to swipe through vendor's photos. They "Swipe Right" on the ones they like and it saves to their profile. Users can click button to visit the vendor's profile page 

  • Messaging

    Let's connect! Brides & Grooms have the option to message vendors to connect with questions. Vendors can message back and communicate with interested Brides and Grooms

Swipe Right Weddings LLC      Email:       Phone: 855-246-8735     Address: 675 Town Square Blvd. Ste 200, Building 1A Garland, TX 75040